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Re: Issues with network file systems and CVS

From: Frederic Brehm
Subject: Re: Issues with network file systems and CVS
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 08:23:00 -0400

At 08:01 PM 9/17/2002, Adam Bregenzer wrote:
AFIAK the issue is not with where the working copy is stored, as long as
you are the only one accessing the working copy.  The issue is where the
repository is stored/accessed from.

That's correct. I misunderstood the original question and thought it had to do with how the repository was accessed. Letting CVS touch a repository mounted on a network filesystem is a bad idea. Using client-server CVS where the server accesses the repository through a local interface is the recommended method. The diagram by Alan Dayley shows the recommended method.

Where you put your sandbox is a different matter.

For performance reasons (I/O throughput during compiles and network traffic) you might want to put it on a local disk. Policy makers don't always understand performance issues, though.


Frederic W. Brehm, Sarnoff Corporation,

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