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question about $log$ and merging

From: David Rosenstrauch
Subject: question about $log$ and merging
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 13:23:42 -0400

A colleague and I just went through a miserable branch-to-head merge, and I'm looking for some help to avoid this in the future.

According to the CVS docs (

"12.5 Problems with the $Log$ keyword.


A more serious concern is that CVS is not good at handling $Log$ entries when a branch is merged onto the main trunk. Conflicts often result from the merging operation."

We're running into this exact problem. We just merged from a branch back onto the trunk this morning, but got a ton of merge conflicts - all of them having to do with the $Log$ keyword. None of the -k substitution options are fixing the problem (-ko, -kk) - and they're even causing more problems, since they whack the -kb status that binary files have.

Anyone know of any workarounds to this situation? I tried to google on this topic, but all I kept coming up with were the same links into the CVS documentation that's online on a billion different sites on the Net.



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