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cvs [annotate aborted]: invalid change text in <filename,v>

From: Peter S. Shenkin
Subject: cvs [annotate aborted]: invalid change text in <filename,v>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 09:56:32 -0400


I posted this request on, but got no response.  Thought I'd
try here....

> I'm getting the following errmsg from cvs annotate on several files;  most
> files are fine.
>     cvs [annotate aborted]: invalid change text in <filename,v>
> I've done a net search and a search in this newsgroup for this message and
> haven't found anything illuminating.  Also a search of the relevant manuals.
> cvs status and cvs log on the file appear normal.  The file is unmodified
> with respect to the repository.
> I've not inspected the ,v file directly.  I'm using cvs 1.10, and as
> far as I know, we've been using this version since the file was originally
> checked in.
> Any ideas, or suggestions for working around the problem?  It sounds as if
> the ,v file is broken in some way.  I suppose one thing I could do would be
> to try "cvs co -r" with older and older revisions to see if this breaks
> at some point, if someone thinks this would be illuminating.
> Thanks,
> -P.
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