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Some cvs questions

From: Anne McCaffrey
Subject: Some cvs questions
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 16:18:03 -0700 (PDT)


I have been using cvs for sometime now.I am using client-server configuration with rhosts authentication.
Server is on unix machine and clients are linux and win nt and win 98 machines.

What I want to know is how cvs is being invoked from the client side?I am sure it is not just setting the CVS_SERVER variable on the client and .rhosts file on the server.(I just followed the cvs manual while setting up cvs)What program on the server is actually issuing the command to run the cvs command that the client runs?And where does rsh come in? In some of our windows clients, rsh is not installed but cvs works fine.How is this possible if cvs exclusively uses rsh for remote communication?

I have extensively searched the mailing list archives and the internet but have not found any answers.

I would really appreciate if someone can give me an answer or atleast suggest some book/s regarding cvs internal working.


Anne McCaffrey

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