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RE: List of CVS Tags

From: erik . cumps
Subject: RE: List of CVS Tags
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:38:04 +0200

Here you go.

Before you can use the script, make sure you've got Cygwin installed (with 
at least Perl
and cvs installed with it).

Copy the script in your cygwin path ("/usr/bin" for example = 

Now start a cygwin shell, cd to the directory with your checked out copy
of the project, and run lstag -l or lstag tagname.

If you're looking for more cygwin info: check out the address@hidden 
list. (address@hidden for subscriptions)


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09/26/2002 01:21 PM

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        Subject:        RE: List of CVS Tags


Thank you for giving reply.
Can you please put the script on the list.
Can you also explain how to use that? ( I didn't use perl script any 

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