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Re: Re: Including file version during checkout

From: susanne . bertling
Subject: Re: Re: Including file version during checkout
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 18:39:25 +0200

>>You can use the keyword $Revision$ as explained in cederqvist (ยง12).
>>Though I've read unhappy comments about this feature in this list.
>I don't remember many unhappy comments about $Rev$ or its cousins $Id$ and

>$Name$. There are many reasons to avoid $Log$, though.
You get conflicts when merging a branch to the main trunk when you update
without option -kk at every changed $Rev$ (or $Id$/$Header$).
But when you use option -kk recursively, your binary files in the
repository are broken.
I changed my copy of cvs, that it doesn't overwrite the -kb expansion mode,
i.e. when using "update -kk" the keywords in binary files remain unchanged.

I made a few tests and it works fine for me at the moment.
Are there any reasons to overwrite the -kb expansion mode?


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