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Newbie connection question

From: RLMuller
Subject: Newbie connection question
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 12:22:24 -0400

Hi All,
I'm still reading some of the documentation but want to get feedback from my system that the pieces are working.
I saw a previous answer to a connection question and tried it on my newly installed CVS/CVSNT system (most recent stable releases).
I tried the following in a Command window on my Win2000ProSP3 (which, incidentally, hosts CSVNT):
    11:37 I:\>telnet My2000Server 2401
    Connecting To My2000Server...Could not open a connection to host on port 2401 : Connect failed

    11:37 I:\>
where "My2000Server" represents the name of my Win2000AS-SP3 advanced server hosting CVS. 
I substituted the server's IP address for the server name and got essentially the same response.
I think I set up CVS for something like NT authentication or Domain authentication.  I definitely did not choose pserver authentication.  I kept the default port assignment, so 2401 sounds right to me.
I am logged on my workstation as a Domain Administrator.
Ultimately , I'd like to know the simplest way to test whether the CVSNT-CVS hookup is working.

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