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Re: CVS and permissions (Unix)

From: Frederic Brehm
Subject: Re: CVS and permissions (Unix)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:43:23 -0400

At 12:57 PM 9/27/2002, Mullican, Catherine wrote:
Some files were checked in with the permissions set to 644.  They need to be
755.  I tried changing the permissions, making some whitespace changes, and
checking the files back in, but they're still 644 on checkout.  Other files
in the project have the correct permissions on checkout; this only affects
two directories.  How can I fix them?

You need to set the execute bit on the ,v files in the repository. Don't worry about the fact that the ,v files do not have the write bit set.


Frederic W. Brehm, Sarnoff Corporation,

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