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Using Clearcase functionality in CVS

From: D.glover
Subject: Using Clearcase functionality in CVS
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 21:39:16 +0100

I'm forwarding an email from a coworker who is our configuration manager
and has a Clearcase background.  We however, use CVS in our office and
are attempting to implement some Clearcase techniques (features) in
CVS.  If you can provide any assistance in this area (Used both
Clearcase and CVS), your input would be greatly appreciated.  The
following inserted email explains what we are trying to accomplish.

>I tested out the "cvs checkout -j WMS_1006_RELEASE -j
>that we talked about, and cvs did what I expected with some files and
what I did >NOT
>expect with others.
>For instance, with "cmd_ups_31_common_function.pc", I got version 1.70
of the >file
>instead of a "merged" version of and 1.70.  So, therefore, I
got an either >or
>response from cvs.
>But, if that makes any sense, this is the definition of what we want
cvs to do for us,
>and you can bounce this off the person you have found who has extensive
cvs and
>clearcase experience....
>Here goes...
>We want to be able to extract from cvs the particular revision of any
file based on >a set of "rules"(similar to the way config. specs. are
used in clearcase) which >specify branch/label tags and any other
criteria which might help identify the >"configuration" of all the files
that are in cvs which satisfy such "rules".
>I hope this helps...

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