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Re: Checking Out a Removed File

From: Mike Little
Subject: Re: Checking Out a Removed File
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 14:02:08 +0100
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Jake Colman wrote:

I created a file on a branch, made numerous changes, and ulitimately removed
it from the branch.  The file, of course, now exists only in the attic.  I
now need to look at how I did something in that source module.  How do I
checkout or gain access to a file that only exists in the attic?

I know that CVS sees the file since a 'cvs co <file>' will tell me it is no
loner pertinent.  A 'cvs log' will show me the complete commit log.  But how
do I get the damned source??



cvs checkout -p -r[last revision before remove] [filename] > [tempfile]

This will checkout to standard out and redirect to tempfile.

e.g. cvs checkout -p -r1.2.4.6 >

Hope this helps,


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