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CVS Integration Branch Strategies

From: Johnson, Susan
Subject: CVS Integration Branch Strategies
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 08:11:44 -0700

I have a question regarding the creation of new
integration branches.

Our developers do all their work in the main trunk.

I do the official CM builds in an integration branch
off the main trunk.

The developers check their changes into the main
trunk and provide me with a list of their files and
revisions, then I merge them into the integration
branch. I then build on the integration branch and
after it passes testing, apply a tag to the
revisions on that branch.

Whenever we have new development (as opposed to
bugfixes) then I want to create a new integration
branch from the main trunk and obsolete the old
integration branch.

My issue is in how to create the new integration
branch from main.

I can't use HEAD in main as my starting point since 
there may be code changes checked into the main trunk
that aren't supposed to go into the install until a 
future date. I want to use a tag on main
that corresponds to the tested version of the
files, but the only tags used for that purpose
exist in the integration branch and not on the main 

How do other sites create new integration branches,
given this scenario? 

If this was ClearCase then I would create the new 
branch off /main/0 and copy-merge the files over, 
but I don't think that iss possible using CVS.


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