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RE: Disabling Conflict checking

From: Miller Dale Contractor HQ AFWA
Subject: RE: Disabling Conflict checking
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 12:08:12 -0500

Larry wrote:

> No, it won't.  CVS won't commit a file that contains conflict markers.
> You'd have much better luck using CVS the way it was intended.
> -Larry Jones

Is this correct?  

I believe that a file can be commited with conflict markers if the file has
been touched since the time stamp in the CVS/Entries for the merge with
conflicts. last paragraph reads:

For your protection, CVS will refuse to check in a file if a conflict
occurred and you have not resolved the conflict. Currently to resolve a
conflict, you must change the timestamp on the file. In previous versions of
CVS, you also needed to insure that the file contains no conflict markers.
Because your file may legitimately contain conflict markers (that is,
occurrences of `>>>>>>> ' at the start of a line that don't mark a
conflict), the current version of CVS will print a warning and proceed to
check in the file.

Dale Miller

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