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Tags and Branches

From: Tim Cook
Subject: Tags and Branches
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 18:22:46 +0100

I've got a question regarding branches and tags. I've just picked up this project so I'm unfamiliar with what has gone before. I'm not sure which version of CVS is being used but I'm pretty sure its
at least 3 years old.

As far as I understand a branch was made on the main development and labelled blah00. Since then some changes have been made to the branch and each set of changes has been labelled blah01,
blah02 and blah03.

I wanted to see what changes were made between each label so I attempted to get a specific release using "cvs co -r blah00 ..." and "cvs co -r blah01 ..." so I could do a comparison between them.

What I actually got checked out was different from what I expected. I'd assumed if I specified a tag ie "-r blah01" then I would get all versions with that tag. What I seemed to get was the latest versions
on that branch.

Is this a misunderstanding on my part, a bug in CVS or am I using the wrong command to do what I want? I've had a good look at the FAQ, online documentation and the two CVS books that I have but none of
them can shed any light on the situation.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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