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RE: attic files

From: Schwenk, Jeanie
Subject: RE: attic files
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 12:35:32 -0700

No, he did not touch the rcs files themselves.   He did that once in the
past.  I believe I made it quite clear that his life would be forfeit if he
did it again.  

When he did a cvs stat of the files, he noted the "Attic" in the path.   He
had the copies of the files before the vendor made his changes.  Now, when
he edits and commits those files, they commit to the Attic.  Although that
seems weird, it does make sense.

Most of the files have multiple branches.  The trunk is code running on the
floor, one is vendor code and one is current development.  Typically the
vendor and development need to be merged into the main trunk for release to
the shop floor.  The vendor inadvertently (due to the import and commit)
removed them because they no longer use these files.  Our development branch
and our main trunk do need these files.  

I've had several suggestions sent to me, just haven't gotten to them yet.
The "just move the file" does not work ... I tried that before I posted.  



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Subject: Re: attic files

> How can I retrieve a large quantity of Attic files?  A vendor did a merge
> down the vendor branch and, as it turns out, did a reorganization of some
> files.  The resulting commit moved many, many files in many directories
> their respective attics.  In the meantime, an engineer here, made changes
> some of those files that were moved to the attic.  He just came over and
> asked me why "Attic" was in the path to the files he had changes.

So he was working on the RCS-format files in the repository itself?
Didn't he notice anything odd about them?  Misinformed users directly
changing files in the repository will mess up any CVS system, regardless
of whether the files are in the Attic or not.  If anything, you may
be lucky.  If he's changing them now, he may have changed them in the
past, and now you have the opportunity to tell him not to do that
under any circumstances.

So, what exactly did he do?  If he modified a local copy, how did he
check it back in?  (And why would he notice the "Attic" in the path?)

  We need
> these files (even though the vendors don't) and when a fresh checkout is
> done, we need these files.  If I just get a backup, we'll lose all the
> changes that were made recently.  
If you can tell us what the engineer really did, and what changes it
is you'd lose, maybe we can help.

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