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cvs wrappers

From: Gunjan_Gupta
Subject: cvs wrappers
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 09:52:40 -0500


I’m fairly new to cvs puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help me out here.

I have the following entries in my cvswrappers file

*.gif -k 'b'

*.exe -k 'b'

*.jar -k 'b'

*.dll -k 'b'

*.obj -k 'b'

*.zip –k ‘b’

but when I import the files all the files are imported except .exe files

the .exe files have ‘I’ in front of them for command output but when I explicitly use the ┬ácommand cvs import –I ! –W “*.exe –k ‘b’” DIR test test1 it works

what am I doing wrong???? Please help


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