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Re: Change case of a dir?

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: Change case of a dir?
Date: 5 Oct 2002 14:07:01 -0700

Timur Aydin <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> Morgan Fletcher <address@hidden> writes:
> > A user adds file Foo/bar.c, and Foo is a new directory.
> > 
> > They decide they want to rename Foo to foo. Can they? How?
> > 
> > Morgan
> If the project is a windows project, then you can just go ahead and
> rename the directory in the repository. The project's history will not
> be affected, because windows does not care about the case of filenames
> or directory names.

However, a filename may be processed by a Windows program which
mistakenly uses a case-sensitive comparison. This could cause a change
in behavior due to the interaction of such a program in some way with
an old snapshot pulled out of CVS. If you do anything that changes
just one binary digit in the version history of the repository, you
are breaking away from sane configuration management. What you pull
out is no longer exactly equivalent to what was put in.

Consider that if the system doesn't care, and no program cares, why
would there be a need to rename the file or directory in the first
place to a name that differs only in case from the original? It is
then merely an unproductive change done for aesthetic reasons, which
should probably be reconsidered given the nonexistent support for sane
renaming in the version control tool.

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