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problems with groups

From: Nina Jansen
Subject: problems with groups
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 20:52:02 +0200 (CEST)


I hope this is the right place to ask: I'm having some problems with
setting up at cvs pserver. I have set up the cvsrepository such that is
is owned by a user cvsuser and the group cvsgroup. the permissions are
like this:

drwxrwx---    4 cvsuser  cvsgroup     4096 Sep 30 12:03 cvs

As cvsuser I can log in to the pserver, add new projects and everything
I need. Now I want to be able to do this as another user. My
CVSROOT/passwd file looks like this:


the user jansen is a member of several groups, among them cvsgroup. As
user jansen I can go into the cvs-directory and create files and do
whatever I need. I can also log into the pserver using cvs login.
However, every time I try to do something (like start a new project, or
check out an existing project) I get the following error message from
the pserver:

setgid failed: Operation not permitted

The command 'id' gives me the following:

uid=59052(jansen) gid=59061(cvsgroup)

So I should have permission to do whatever I want, right? Why does the
pserver not recognise me as someone who has acess to using the


Nina Jansen

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