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Re: Tag locking change

From: Jenn Vesperman
Subject: Re: Tag locking change
Date: 10 Oct 2002 07:05:31 +1000

On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 04:26, Adam Bregenzer wrote:
> It has nothing to do with the client, it's all
> *server* side.  I see no reason for it to bve tied to an update, I don't
> even know how to execute a server-side script on update and wouldn't
> want to anyways.

> While there
> are several better ways to do it and you probably can't run an rtag
> command from a script run from a *info file it is an example.

You can run any cvs command from a script run from a *info file. Just
make sure the command is backgrounded so you don't have locking

Jenn V.
    "Do you ever wonder if there's a whole section of geek culture 
                you miss out on by being a geek?" - Dancer.


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