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Remote vs Local !

From: Udaya kumar.R
Subject: Remote vs Local !
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 11:49:36 +0530 (IST)

Hi ,

   I had been using cvs for the past year or so.

   Today i am stuck with a strange problem. I m in the process of setting
per project write permission. 

For this i had made the following steps:

* chown the project's files in repository to be of cvsadmin.project_group
   + This group is unique across projects.

* chmod 774 for all the files in the repository.

* chown cvsadmin.cvsadmin for the admin files,CVSROOT.

* All the cvs users have a system account too.

* Set the LockDir to be /var/lock/cvs.

By default all the users in the system will have read access to all the
projects in the repository .

So whenever i want to give write access for a project to a user i will add
the project's group in the user's subgroup.

The above mentiond setup works fine if i access the repository locally,
-d/usr/local/cvs , for both checkout and checkin. But it is not working for
the pserver method for checkin. It says 'commit requires write permission'.

What could be the problem ?

Bye and take care.
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