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Re: Updating third party software

From: Mark Cooper
Subject: Re: Updating third party software
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 14:25:46 +0100

Obviously this depends on the relative number of files in the 3rd party
software release that have changed since the last one, but I too manage 3rd
party software via cvs and have (unless the 3rd party software release has
a completely different folder/directory structure) done it this way:
     Check out your 'current' release
     Overwrite the 'current' released files with your new release,
     retaining the 'cvs' subdirectories
     Check them in, exactly as if you had developed/changed the software
Like I said, obviously this only works if the folder/directory structure is
the same as before. If there are new files in the new release those have to
be manually added using 'cvs add'. If there are files that are no-longer
present in the new release then you have to remove them using 'cvs remove'.
If its a big package with lots of new files added or old ones removed, you
have to make a judgement call to do it another way (see below).

If the changes between your current release and the new one differ greatly
in terms of folder/directory structure or files added/removed, and
alternative is to 'cvs import' the package again, using a different module
name, e.g. JDK1.2-NT vs JDK1.3-NT. I'm sure you know how to import stuff
otherwise you wouldn't have your 3rd party package in there to start off
with, so I won't bore you with the detail.

Hope this helps
Mark Cooper

"Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel" <address@hidden> on 14/10/2002

To:   address@hidden
cc:    (bcc: Mark Cooper/Ops/Ltd/Microlise)

Subject:  Updating third party software

Hi everybody,

I'm tracking a third party software within my CVS repository. Till now,
I've done is this:
1.- Downloaded the initial release of the 3rd party software.
2.- Create a new module within my CVS repository.
3.- Work within the HEAD main branch.

Now, another release of that 3rd party software has been published, and I
would like to update my CVS repository. The first problem that I've come up
with, is this one: there is no patch-like incremental release.

To deal with this, I have tried to follow these steps:
1.- Download that new realese.
2.- Export the old release of that package from my CVS repository:
     $ cvs export -r THIRD_PARTY_BRANCH package
3.- Create a patch file with diff, with the changes from the old to the new
release of the package:
     $ diff -rP <old version dir> <new version dir> > patch.file
4.- Checkout the branch fro the 3rd party tracking:
     $ cvs checkout -r THIRD_PARTY package
5.- Apply the patch file to the module:
     $ cd package
     $ patch -Np1 patch.file
6.- Commit changes.

But in step 5, it tells me that it cannot find the files to patch... what
I doing wrong?

Thank you all in advance, and best regards

Miguel Ángel Ripalda Marín

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