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Problems with Attic permissions

From: Anne McCaffrey
Subject: Problems with Attic permissions
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 10:49:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I am facing problems with Attic directories.
I have a script that disallows users from removing
files using cvs remove.
To implement additional security, I have made all
Attic directories in the repository read only, since
all users have login access to the repository server
and if they know to do it,they can remove a file from
Attic manually;then we would loose the file
permanently.(It happened previously)I had no problems
with this till now;but today when a developer tried to
add a new file,cvs add was aborted with the
error,"Cannot read Attic directory.Permission denied."
Only when I gave permissions to Attic in that
directory,cvs add succeeded.But there seem to be no
more incidents of this type in any other directory.Can
anyone explain why CVS is trying to read from the
Attic when a new file is being added?I checked in that
particular Attic; a file with that name is not there;
also it is a new file name;it never existed previously
in the repository.


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