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A nifty way to merge after changing directory structures?

From: Matthew Herrmann
Subject: A nifty way to merge after changing directory structures?
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 19:13:42 +1000

Hi All,

I want to refactor my project tree to break out one large project into
smaller projects. The main issue at the moment is of course that I will lose
my ability to merge in bug fixes. But -- I think I have found a way to do

I am using Win32 with linux tools. I can create hard links using a port of
the 'ln' command.

I would like to do something like the following:

Files were originally in:

Broken into:

Most of the time, I just work with these new folders. I can only get history
from these folders. That's not a problem.

However, when I merge, I would like to do a:
ln subproject1\*.* .
ln subproject2\*.* .
ln subproject3\*.* .

to make the files appear in their original locations. Then,


to apply the merged changes (which will automagically get applied to the
linked files in the new folders). Then, I can simply delete these temporary
files. The major problem at this point is that a merge will probably not
happen because the deleted files from this folder are "no longer pertinent".

Here's what I would like to do :

cvs rdiff -rMERGEPOINT_29 -rMERGEPOINT_30 project > changes.txt
patch changes.txt .

but the changes.txt file won't create and remove files like "cvs up" would,
and I have never succeeded in getting patch to work using repository rdiff

Any suggestions? This would really make my life a lot easer.


Matthew Herrmann
Far Edge Technology
Level 11, 80 Mount St
North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: 02 9955 3640
Mob: 0404 852 537

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