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Re: Order of operations during commit when using a CVS server

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Order of operations during commit when using a CVS server
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 16:11:23 -0400 (EDT)

Reinstein, Shlomo writes:
> Until now, I've been using CVS with a locally-mounted repository. When I did
> "cvs commit", it used to first run the command specified in
> CVSROOT/commitinfo for every directory that had to be committed, and then it
> launched the editor to enter the log message (only if the commands had a
> good exit value for all directories).
> Now, I am using a CVS server, and that behavior is reversed: CVS first
> launches the editor so that I can enter a log message, and only afterwards
> it runs the command from the CVSROOT/commitinfo. The result is that I
> sometimes find that I entered the log message for nothing, because as soon
> as I exit the editor, it fails because of the commands in
> CVSROOT/commitinfo.
> Is this a CVS bug, or am I doing something wrong? (I am also the owner and
> admin of the repository on the server.)

Neither -- it's just a difference between client/server mode and local
mode.  The CVS client/server protocol doesn't provide any way to
interact with the user in the middle of doing something on the server,
so all the user interaction has to happen before firing off the server

-Larry Jones

Ever notice how tense grown-ups get when they're recreating? -- Calvin

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