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RE: deleting modules

From: Zieg, Mark
Subject: RE: deleting modules
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 08:59:08 -0400

> From: Stefan Immel [mailto:address@hidden
> is there any way to remove complete modules from a cvs repository ?
> I know that removing the working tree and doing an cvs remove does work
> but I also want to lose any information that the module was there too
> so I can import a complete new and different version of the module ?

$ REPO=/usr/local/cvsroot         ; # change this to whatever you use
$ MODULE=my_module                ; # change this to your module name
$ cd $REPO
$ tar zcvf ~/$MODULE.tgz $MODULE  ; # make a backup just in case
$ rm -rf $MODULE                  ; # all gone!

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