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Re: How do I tag only on branched module

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: How do I tag only on branched module
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 09:57:44 -0700
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I'm going to take my best shot at this, although I'm not entirely certain what the situation is. I believe your problems stem largely from your use of `cvs rtag` instead of `cvs tag`. As I understand it, you have a trunk and two branches, and are making changes, sometimes to more than one branch at a time, and wish to label after every change. To do this properly, you should have three sandboxes, one for each branch (you can also do this by changing the branches of a single sandbox, see Cederqvist for details). After each checkin, run `cvs update` on the sandboxes for the branches, then `cvs tag` from tbe root of the sandboxes you wish to tag.



Ravish A.S wrote:
hi ,
    I wonder is it cvs bug!! . Still i am facing some strange problem. How
do i label the branch and main trunk at a time. because i have created two
branch of specific folder and rest of the files still in main trunk. I used ' cvs rtag -nRF -r <branchname> <tagname> <moduleName>' tag all
the files under the branch( and also on newly added files). Then i used '
cvs  rtag -fnRF -r <branchname> <tagname>  <moduleName>' tag all the files
under branch and main trunk but it fails to tag  newly added files to
branch. Please anybody knows this problem.

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