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cvs [checkout aborted]

From: Pushpa
Subject: cvs [checkout aborted]
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 10:16:14 +0530

Hi All,

cvs server: cannot find module `acca_c1b' - ignored
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules
I am getting this error when I try to check out the module using WinCVS 1.11 module c1btool
Setting in WinCVS is
In the server in inetd.conf file have the following line
cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs --allow-root=/home/cvsroot/acca_c1b pserver
cvspserver 2401/tcp
cvspserver 2401/udp
The environment variable is set to CVSROOT=/home/cvsroot
In CVSROOT directory in modules file c1btool -a acca_c1b

Could someone help to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance.



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