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Re: CVS Server on Novell?

From: Jon Miner
Subject: Re: CVS Server on Novell?
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 11:46:35 -0500
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(By "Novell machine", I'm assuming you mean a Netware server.. :)

In pserver mode, no.  Using direct repository access, it should be fine.

Back in the day I was a heavily involved in Netware programming, and
there should be no real reason that you couldn't run the pserver on a
Netware server.  You'll need Codewarrior for Netware, and you'll
probably need to tweak to account for the c-library oddities that
Netware has.  The lack of inetd (at least in the standard sense) will be
an issue to cover, of course.

I actually even considered doing this once a few years ago, but it's
gotten backed-up in the queue these days.

Just my $.02.


* Lisa M. Doucette (address@hidden) [021022 14:48]:
> Hi,
> Does anybody know if CVS server be installed on a Novell machine?  I see
> where servers can be set up on Windows and Linux boxes, but nowhere does it
> mention that it can or cannot be set up on Novell.
> Would you be able to provide me with an answer either way?
> This is very much appreciated.  
> Thank you,
> Lisa Doucette
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