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using cvs to contol system files

From: vi1pdqyo02
Subject: using cvs to contol system files
Date: 23 Oct 2002 19:21:39 -0000

Has anyone out there used to cvs to version control system files?
For instance, files in /etc.

I'm working with 2 system admins who want to do this. We were going to make
the 'live' files a sandbox that they would share. I was hoping to have them
edit files by logging in to their regular accounts, su to root, edit a file,
exit su, cvs commit filename.

The problem is the permissions involved. They each have a umask of 022 on
regular accounts. So a 'cvs add dirName' creates a directory in the repository
without group write. No problem, we'll set this one by hand. 

The CVS/Entries file however is left as owned by the last user to commit and
without a group write. This is a problem for the next admin to commit.

Is there a way around this. Setting the umask in the admins regular accounts
to 002 seems like a poor option.

Just getting started on this problem. Any advice is appreciated.

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