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RE: cvsignore list, and directory names

From: Shankar Unni
Subject: RE: cvsignore list, and directory names
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 13:51:37 -0800

Larry Jones wrote:
> address@hidden writes:
> > What will happen if a cvs command (say for instance "cvs import") 
> > finds a **directory** named "core", which by default *is* in the cvs

> > ignore list? Will it ignore any files in this directory?

> Yes.

This happened the other day while I was importing an opennms drop.  The
solution is the "-I !" option, which resets the ignore list for the
import command.

For your situation (where you have already imported part of the code),
you can fix this omission as follows:

* cd down to the directory that contains the core directory, 
* explicitly import core with the -I ! option to the appropriate spot
under the repository root.

E.g. if you have dir1/dir2/core, you can

 %cvs import .../repository [ tags] dir1  # ignores the core dir - oops
  # fix this
 %cd dir1/dir2
 %cvs import -I '!' .../repository/dir1/dir2 [tags] core


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