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RE: Visual Studio .NET projects and CVS

From: Rob Piepul
Subject: RE: Visual Studio .NET projects and CVS
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 08:48:12 -0600

>>>>> "Dror" == info-cvs-admin  <address@hidden> writes:

    Dror> Hi,=20 I think I need to clarify myself a little, what am I
    Dror> looking for is not a Visual Studio (.NET) plugin for CVS.
    Dror> My team is working on an Intranet project and using Visual
    Dror> Studio .NET.  While we where looking at the source directory
    Dror> in order to decide what goes to the repository and what
    Dror> should be left outside (local files created by the VS) we
    Dror> noticed a large number of files that we could not decide
    Dror> their purpose or the effect of managing them in the
    Dror> repository.  I'm looking for someone who has succeeded in
    Dror> managing such project with CVS.=20 Thanks, Dror

In addition to source code and header files, I only manage the .sln
and .vcproj files.  These, of course, are text files. The solutions
and projects build the same way every time. Depending on your apps,
the .config files may also need to be managed in cvs.


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