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Re: CVS checkout, excluding some files??

From: david
Subject: Re: CVS checkout, excluding some files??
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 08:30:28 -0600 (CST)

> Hi
> Is there anyway to checkout the repository such that I
> can exclude some files?These files are needed for an
> older release but in the current version they are not
> needed.I know we can make a branch, but is there any
> other method to exclude just some files from
> checkout?They are in different directories.
It is theoretically possible to hack the modules file, but the
modules file has no effect on doing an update, so sooner or
later somebody's going to do a "cvs update -d" and get all those
files back again.  I was involved in a situation where we
actually didn't want the majority of files in the source tree,
and never did get a satisfactory solution to the problem (and
was laid off before I had any real bright ideas).

However, you say that the files are needed for an older release,
but not in the current version.  Why not just remove the files
in the CVS meaning of the word?  (Remove the files from the
sandbox, do a "cvs rm" on them, and commit.)  Assuming the
earlier release is tagged, you'll get all the files when checking
out the earlier release, and not when checking out the current

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