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Re: Keeping a 'common linkage sandbox' up to date with CVS

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: Keeping a 'common linkage sandbox' up to date with CVS
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 11:42:37 -0500

Thanks to all for the responses re: my question about maintaining a 'common
linkage sandbox', or 'baseline' as it was classified. Here's what I ended
up doing:
1. Imported the original directory structure of the system, including
executable directories, with -ko option since some had PVCS keywords in
them, which appear to be the same as CVS keywords. (Didn't want my initial
import to show variance with the initial baseline code).
2. Deleted the executable directories from the Repository, since I don't
plan on having the Repository track them.
3. Checked everything out to the 'common linkage sandbox' area.
4. Overlaid the executables from the original directory structure into the
'common linkage sandbox' area to have baseline .obj's etc. there for
programmers to compile against.
5. Modified the loginfo file to automatically check newly checked-in source
back out to the 'common linkage sandbox' (or baseline) directories.
6. All post-unit-test compiles will generate .obj's, .lib's and .exe's (ie.
all object code) to the 'common linkage sandbox' as well so that stuff
stays up-to-date. That 'baseline' is also where any system tests will be
run from.

That's the basics of what I worked out - did I overlook something?

Thanks for all the fishes,
Blaine DeLancey
DeLancey Systems, LLC
Consulting System Architect

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