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RE: pserver login problem to Linux from Win2k

From: Steve deRosier
Subject: RE: pserver login problem to Linux from Win2k
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:35:24 -0800

Well, I don't know that I "can't do that", considering that it works just
great for me.  Though the editor that I'm using on my Win2k box (SNiFF+)
understands UNIX line endings and has an option to save as Win/DOS, Mac, or
UNIX line endings (which is of course what I have selected).  So my code
files get edited properly.

I assume that the client CVS program actually contacts the server CVS
program when a checkout or checkin is done.  So...presumably it is the
server CVS that handles the writing of the administrative files, so I would
assume the integrity of the line endings would stay intact (UNIX style).  Am
I assuming too much?

Unfortunately the two-sandbox thing doesn't work with the tools I'm using.
But since I seem to be perfectly functional if I choose to do one or the
other (local or remote), but not both, things workout fine.  I just wanted
to know if there was a way I could do both (have my cake and eat it too).
See...the other two people in my development team will only use Win2k but as
I'm very much a Linux person I'd rather have the option of doing both.  But
if not, oh well.

The biggest problem was that I tried getting each piece up and running
independently first than tried to get them to work together.  Usually is a
great idea to make sure two parts work by themselves first.  Who knew? :)

- Steve

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> From: Kaz Kylheku [mailto:address@hidden Behalf Of Kaz Kylheku
> Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 4:12 PM
> To: Steve deRosier
> Cc: Shankar Unni; CVS Discussion List
> Subject: Re: pserver login problem to Linux from Win2k
> On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Steve deRosier wrote:
> > Here's what is happening:
> > 1. J: is a networked drive connected to my home directory on our Linux
> > server via Samba
> You can't do that, because Linux and Windows don't agree on the
> representation of text files.  This affects the treatment of text
> documents on update and commit, and also the representation of the CVS/
> administrative files.
> So even if you solve the location non-transparency problem by using
> a CVSROOT that works everywhere, you still have this problem.
> > New question:  Is there an easy way to fix this problem, so I can
> > transparently use CVS in the same working directory both remotely and
> > locally?
> You can simply maintain two separate sandboxes.  To propagate changes
> from one to the other, commit in one, and update in the other.

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