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Re: Win4Lin

From: Steven Tryon
Subject: Re: Win4Lin
Date: 01 Nov 2002 08:44:38 -0500

I'm using TkCVS for most of my work.  I'll set up Tortoise under Win4Lin
and let you know what happens.

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 20:57, Glenn wrote:
> Hi all 
> I'm new to the list so I thought it'd be polite to say hi before
> launching in with questions so - Hi ;-)
> That done...
> Has any one successfully used the cvs windows clients under win4lin (to
> access r/w a remote repository)
> Glenn
Steven Tryon, ciber @ Xerox
Webmaster, Xerox Global Service Net
8*221-7719 / 585-231-7719

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