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problem commiting file to CVSROOT

From: Daniels, Dave F [PCS]
Subject: problem commiting file to CVSROOT
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 08:33:56 -0600

I have several files I'm trying to commit to a subdirectory of CVSROOT, but
only the ,v file is being created. I'm concerened about this because some
users may make changes without realizing the files aren't being updated
correctly on the server. To work around this problem temporarily, I've
manually created the necessary files on the server, but I'd like to
understand why this isn't being done by cvs.

-I'm trying to import files to CVSROOT/commitmessage/filename
-These files appear to import correctly, but only the ,v file is created on
the server.
-I have successfully imported other files to this directory.
-The files appear to be valid from the client. 
-The checkoutlist file contains entries for the files that are being
imported correctly, but not for those that aren't. I tried to manually add
the ones not working, then make a change and commit, but my manual entries
were removed after the commit.
-I've had this problem with (I think) the same files on two separate

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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