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Re: Problems restoring a file

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Problems restoring a file
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 11:00:22 -0500 (EST)

Adam Cohen writes:
> I'm having trouble resurrecting a file that was removed.  I've read section 
> 7.2 of the cederqvist manual, but it doesn't solve my problem.  The problem 
> is that after removing the file and committing the change, I try to 
> ressurrect it by typing "cvs add oldballs" (oldballs is the name of the 
> file), which gives me the following message:

You didn't read 7.2 carefully enough -- you can only use add to
resurrect a file *before* you commit, not after.

> After searching the web, I came up with the following solution which _does_ 
> work, but I don't think it's the correct way:
> cvs update -j1.3 -j1.2 oldballs

That is, indeed, the correct way of resurrecting a file *after*
committing the removal.  It's a good idea to commit the file immediately
after resurrecting.

-Larry Jones

What a stupid world. -- Calvin

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