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RE: problem commiting file to CVSROOT

From: Daniels, Dave F [PCS]
Subject: RE: problem commiting file to CVSROOT
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 10:16:57 -0600

> > 
> > -I'm trying to import files to CVSROOT/commitmessage/filename
> One generally adds files to an existing directory rather than 
> importing
> them.
That's what I'm doing. Please don't get hung up on semantics.

> > I tried to manually add
> > the ones not working, then make a change and commit, but my 
> manual entries
> > were removed after the commit.
> checkoutlist is version controlled -- you need to check it out, make
> your changes, and commit it.  If you just checkout the entire CVSROOT
> directory, you can make the necessary additions to checkoutlist, add
> your new files, and commit everything at once.
D'oh! This solved the problem. The real issue was my understanding. Thanks
for your help.

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