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Linex need serious concurent version control software ?

From: Bogdan
Subject: Linex need serious concurent version control software ?
Date: 1 Nov 2002 09:06:58 -0800

I just wander if cvs can make merging kylix project files?
My guess is that it will make a mess.

If this is so, then there is a need to restrict concurrent programmers from
editing Kylix project files at same time, but allow editing of .cpp files.

Cvs version 1.11.2 is not capable of during that selective restriction.
I think there is a time to write serious version control that will allow
using Kylix by more then one person for programming.

If you ready know HOW TO MAKE restrictive editing for only some files
using cvs, then post it on the news.
I think this is impossible with cvs, and we need better tool.

PS Do you now that by "cvs checkout your_project" in another directory
you are now longer reported by "cvs editors" despite you have
files open for editing with command " cvs edit" in first directory.

We need more serious accounting in version control software.


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