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CVS DIFF problem

From: Gyetvan Andras
Subject: CVS DIFF problem
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 17:46:29 +0100
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Hi All !

Maybe this is not the best place, where I should ask question, so if this is the case please drop me a mail where should I go ! :-)

So I have a problem with CVS DIFF. If I ask query update "cvs -n update xyz.txt" I see the changes "U xyz.txt", but when I diff the working dir with the repository the diff says that the two files are identical.

These are the steps that I did to create the CVS repository :

- I've installed Linux on a PC box (Red Hat 8.0)
- I've created a cvs user and a cvs group.
- I've created /cvs directory and set the owner and group to cvs - I've changed the file mode to add write permission to the group
- I've created some user and put them into the cvs group
- I've set the CVSROOT variable to /cvs (I've put this to the /etc/bash_profile, so it should be system wide)
- I've initialized the repository as cvs user with "cvs init"
- I've import a new directory into the CVS as a normal user (who exist in the cvs group)

So now I can check-in, check-out, query the directory, I see the status, log, etc, but the diff doesn't work as I excep.

Any help is very welcome !


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