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Re: Providing the functionality of CVS as a library

From: Rob Helmer
Subject: Re: Providing the functionality of CVS as a library
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 13:32:36 -0800
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On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 11:35:20AM -0500, Alex Taler wrote:
> If there is, I couldn't find it.  There's a module called
> VCS::Cvs, but it's just a skeleton, and hasn't been touched in a
> year.  It is the perl interface the interests me the most at the
> moment.


We looked at VCS::Cvs for inclusion into SandWeb, and realized
the same thing, so we wrote our own abstracted Perl CVS class
( SandWeb::Repository::cvs ).

If you want to check it out, I'd reccommend getting the CVS
version - 

SandWeb itself is getting ready to enter beta, the APIs for
things like and are frozen.

It also depends on SandWeb::Shell, since that class is the
point at which everything interfaces with the Unix shell. 

I originally wrote Repository::cvs to make it's own calls
to the shell, it would be really easy to just remove the
dependency on that class and make cvs->Shell() just do
a direct call.

SandWeb::Repository is a class that lets us abstract different
version control systems from SandWeb, doesn't depend
on it, it just gives us a standard API ( which is almost
identical to's API, since we only support CVS so far :) ).

Rob Helmer

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