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Multiple CVSROOT

From: Nuno Branco
Subject: Multiple CVSROOT
Date: 04 Nov 2002 14:09:31 +0000

I am quite new to CVS and I hope you people can help me with a problem.

I recently found out that (almost) everyone around my company uses CVS
to help with their projects, unfortunately this has become a sysadmin
nightmare to have so many CVS's around my network.

What I am looking for is a way to put several CVSROOT in the same CVS
server. I am currently using mandrake 9.0 which comes with CVS server
installed and a cvs.conf file where i should put the CVSROOT.
Unfortunately for me, I didn't found a way to put more than one CVSROOT
working at a time.

... etc

I've been looking trough the ML archives but I didn't found anything

Could someone share some light?


Nuno Branco

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