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Hello all, newbie questions re setup

From: Conner, Jim
Subject: Hello all, newbie questions re setup
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 14:56:37 -0500

I have been racking my brain on reading documentation on CVS and so I am
left with but a few questions.

Ok, so, I've installed cvs on two machines.  Oh, btw, my questions will be
related to the following setup:

We want to maintain all of our source code in one central location.  Thus I
am setting up a server/client model.  I have two machines for test purposes
thus far.  My problem lies in that I am starting this whole thing from
scratch and I cannot get a project created on the server.  I've got the
repository created by using the init command.  Let me first show you guys my
current setup and what I want to get to and then I will show you what I've
done so far.

Currently on the server:

* installed the cvs binary and friends (/usr/local/bin installation on a Sol
7 box)
* created a user called cvs_rep in /u01/home/cvs_rep
* performed cvs -d /u01/home/cvs_rep init
* decided to use the system password for the authentication model
* Added the services line so that inetd could find the proper port.
* added the following to the inetd.conf:
cvs stream  tcp nowait root /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs
--allow-root=/u01/home/cvs_rep pserver

* HUP'ed the super server and performed netstat -an to make sure that the
daemon was listening.  It's running and I can login from the client machine.

Now this is where I start to get a little fuzzy on what I should do:
* Now, I created a directory in /u01/home/cvs_rep called "scripts"

Oh, first, my environment is setup like this:  We develop in a few
departments as I am sure most companies do.  We have Perl scripts, shell
scripts, C and C++ src code, and perhaps even some Java code lingering out
there somewhere.  Each dept has different objectives; for instance, my dept
does a lot of development for system applications and management roles.  The
C and C++ departments do a lot of development for billing type apps.  Yet
other types of code are written for other business purposes.

I will map out what I would *like* to do so that I don't confuse anyone
trying to 'splain it...

| \
| \
|  scripts---
|           |\
|           | mediation
|           |\         \
|           | traffic__ Perl and SH scripts HERE
|           |\         \
|           | system_   Perl and SH scripts HERE
|\                   \
| \                  `--Perl and SH scripts HERE
|  src_code-
|          |\
|          | mediation
|          |\         \
|          | traffic_  project_name_
|          |\        \              \
|          | other__  .project_name_ src files and directories
|                    \              \
|                     .project_name_ src files and directories
|                                   \
|                                    src files and directories

So, you see, this is where I am absolutely lost.  I'd like to do the above
as we have about 5 years of stuff that needs to be checked in.  The most
difficult part of this (besides just setting it up) is actually checking the
files in from remote machines.  There is a ton of documentation on how to
set up a local CVS repository but everything I've read on doing things over
the server/client model is somewhat sparse or seems incomplete or not very
well least for my understanding :).  For instance, there are
some things that you have to do on the server side (I believe) before
letting anyone check in a new project, right?  I could be wrong.  This is
the stuff I am having a difficult time figuring out.  It can't be that
difficult to set something like this up.  Im getting caught up in the
explanation of things perhaps.  Is there a website with a simple reference
vs explanations of things?  All I need are steps for now.  I don't generally
care about explainations until after I've played with the actual steps yet.

I appreciate any and all assistance and please understand, Im not bagging
any documentation in general.  I just don't get it yet.

- Jim

Jim Conner           | AMA & Traffic Systems Analyst
USLEC of NC          | Security Steering Committee
6801 Morrison Blvd   | Unix Systems Development - Perl
Charlotte, NC 28211  | wk: 704.319.1222 pgr: 877.317.2448
address@hidden    | txt: address@hidden 

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