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first change on a branch causes no change to show up in -rTAGA::TAGB

From: Matthew Herrmann
Subject: first change on a branch causes no change to show up in -rTAGA::TAGB
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:39:22 +1100

Hi All,

I'm using cvs2cl to generate version differences on branches, but I'm having
trouble with picking up changes where no change was previously there. I
think the problem is one in cvs log, though, not cvs2cl.

Here's the command I use

cvs2cl -w -f ChangeLog_%1_To_%2.txt -r%1::%2

the scenario that breaks it is:

working on branch BRANCH1

at TAG1, on BRANCH1 : file is on 1.23
at TAG2, on BRANCH1 file is on after changes

the problem is that even when looking at 2 tags on the same branch, it is
only after the first change to the file that it becomes _really_ on the
branch, before that, the tag is still officially on the trunk.

What would fix this for me is for 1.23 => 1.23.x.y to be considered on the
same line. At the moment the line is only being start just after 1.23 which
means I'm losing a significant number of changes out of these history logs.

are there any patches available for this problem? some others must have had
this problem with log -r.


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