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Problems with WinCVS

From: Jason . Gibbons
Subject: Problems with WinCVS
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:55:41 +0000

Just on the off chance that anyone else has had similar problems:

We are running a cvs repository on an NT server, and are using WinCVS on
various client machines to access the repository (using NTServer protocol).
For most people, there are no problems whatsoever.  A couple of machines,
however, are throwing spanners in the works.  If either one of these
machines tries to access the repository through WinCVS (version 1.2 by the
way) it will succeed once.  However, in running one cvs command (be it
update, checkout, commit, log, graph or whatever) it seems to flood the cvs
service.  Any subsequent attempt by any machine (including the dodgy
machine itself) to access the cvs repository through WinCVS fails with
errors like:
couldn't connect to server: all pipe instances busy
couldn't connect to server named pipe error 6
(depending on the machine).

The remedy for the problem is to restart to cvs service on the server, but
of course the problem occurs again as soon as one of the dodgy machines
tries to do anything in cvs via WinCVS.  Interestingly, however, cvs can be
accessed via the command line on all machines at all times (i.e. even when
WinCVS is reporting the pipe errors) and if we stick to using the command
line on the dodgy machines, the problem never occurs.  Clearly, then, the
issue is genuinely a WinCVS one.

Anybody seen anything like this before?

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