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WinCVS problem - "sandbox" files not shown

From: Stefan Andersson
Subject: WinCVS problem - "sandbox" files not shown
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:46:03 +0100


We are currently having some problems using WinCvs. The problem is that the 
WinCvs-clients refuses to show the files that exists in the workarea 
("sandbox") - the files really exist there and can be viewed in explorer. It is 
also posible to check the history of the files and to change revision form the 
command prompt, so it doesn't seem to be any problems with the server (running 
cvsnt under Win2k).

Since the problem started about the same time that as the DST transition I 
suppose that this may be the cause of the problem, but from what I have read 
this should make the files marked as changed and not make them disappear 
completly from WinCvs...(?) Non-cvs files are still shown and I have tested all 
kinds of file-filter settings...

When the problem came up we were running WinCvs 1.2 as clients, now I have also 
tested to upgrade to 1.3b10 but the problem still exists! I have also tested to 
check out the module again to both FAT32 and NTFS partitions without any 
success (the files are ok but doesn't show in WinCvs...)

Is there anyone that knows someting about this problem? And how to fix it??

- Stefan Andersson

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