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RE: WinCVS problem - "sandbox" files not shown

From: Stefan Andersson
Subject: RE: WinCVS problem - "sandbox" files not shown
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 17:49:23 +0100

I checked the <> earlier, but managed to miss the 
mailing list link at the bottom of the page... 
I'll try my question there instead.

(I've tried all combinations of the "Show" buttons, but the only 
thing that differs is if non-cvs files is shown or not...)

Thanks anyway!

-----Original Message-----
From:   Larry Jones [mailto:address@hidden
Sent:   Fri 11/15/2002 4:28 PM
To:     Stefan Andersson
Cc:     address@hidden
Subject:        Re: WinCVS problem - "sandbox" files not shown
Stefan Andersson writes [in exceedingly long lines]:
> We are currently having some problems using WinCvs. The problem is
> that the WinCvs-clients refuses to show the files that exists in the
> workarea ("sandbox") - the files really exist there and can be viewed in
> explorer. It is also posible to check the history of the files and to
> change revision form the command prompt, so it doesn't seem to be any
> problems with the server (running cvsnt under Win2k).

WinCVS has a separate mailing list; see <>.

Check the various "Show" buttons to be sure they're set correctly.

-Larry Jones

You don't get to be Mom if you can't fix everything just right. -- Calvin

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