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Re: Newbie question re: ssh

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: Newbie question re: ssh
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 21:35:07 -0800
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Greg A. Woods wrote:
[ On Friday, November 15, 2002 at 22:20:39 (-0800), Mike Ayers wrote: ]

Subject: Re: Newbie question re: ssh

Robert Koster wrote:

I have set up a repository, and want to use :ext w/ SSH (without

> keys).  Pros/cons?

Con: this isn't possible. ssh operating without keys will forcibly invoke username/password login, which will gag the CVS client.

Huh?  I haven't tried without keys in a while but I'm pretty sure my
client still just asks me for the password and lets me type it....

Hmmm. thinking back, that problem occurs on WinCVS. It may be that the command line client behaves correctly. I need to get my lab rebuilt and test these things first.


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