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How to make "update -d" ignore a top-level directory?

From: Shankar Unni
Subject: How to make "update -d" ignore a top-level directory?
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 15:02:31 -0800

In short, this is what I'd like:

* Be able to sit at the root of my work area (where I did the cvs
checkout), and be able to do a simple "cvs update -d".
* Have the "cvs update -d" fetch everything except a single top-level
directory I don't want.

First attempt: I defined the module as

  tms -a src lib doc utl                (everything except CVSROOT and

This works fine, except that the directory where these four end up does
not contain a "CVS" directory, so I cannot sit in that directory and
issue any CVS commands (except by separately setting a CVSROOT
environment variable or using the -d option).

Second attempt: I defined it as

  tms -a . !nms

This works great for *checkout*, and creates a CVS directory with
Entries, etc. The problem is that if I then issue a "cvs update -d" in
that directory, it gets that pesky nms directory (50 MB of useless

How can I achieve what I want: to be able to:

 * not have to set CVSROOT in the environment.
 * Be able to issue an "update -d" from the root of my work area, and
 * not get that junk directory?

Is there a way? I'm trying to avoid having to do a "radical nms-ectomy"
(:-/) on my repository..



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