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Newly added files in a branch

From: Johnny John
Subject: Newly added files in a branch
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:59:43 -0800


I'm wondering if CVS treats files newly added in a branch specially.

Say I have a branch A created some time ago. My mainline moves along, and at some point later, I want to re-sprout the same branch off the mainline tip. Typically I do this as follows.

(a)  I'm working happily in branch A
(b)  Mainline moving forward in time happily
(c)  I decide to move my branch forward, i.e. re-sprout it later in time
(d)  I check out the tip of the mainline
(e)  I do a cvs update -j of branch A
(f) I create a new branch B at the tip and check in results of (e) into the new branch

Issue I have seen is that any newly added files from branch A do not appear in branch B. Instead, they appear on the mainline. So, when I check out the new branch B, I do not get these files.

Anyone has similar issues, and have a better process to deal with this?


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