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Re: Newly added files in a branch

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: Newly added files in a branch
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 17:16:10 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Johnny John wrote:

> I'm wondering if CVS treats files newly added in a branch specially.
> Say I have a branch A created some time ago.  My mainline moves along, and 
> at some point later, I want to re-sprout the same branch off the mainline 
> tip.  Typically I do this as follows.
> (a)  I'm working happily in branch A
> (b)  Mainline moving forward in time happily
> (c)  I decide to move my branch forward, i.e. re-sprout it later in time
> (d)  I check out the tip of the mainline
> (e)  I do a cvs update -j of branch A
> (f)  I create a new branch B at the tip and check in results of (e) into 
> the new branch
> Issue I have seen is that any newly added files from branch A do not appear 
> in branch B. 

Yes, this is bogus behavior in CVS; I logged it as an issue. Go to and look up issue 53 ``Cannot add files locally, then
commit later to a different branch''.

As a workaround, what you can do is edit your CVS/Entries by hand. You
will see that the entries for locally added files are not being
properly updated when you update to a branch; these entries do not get
the proper sticky tag.

By the way, how did you do step (f) after (e)? My bug report states
that ``... the tag command prevents the creation of a branch when there
are locally added files''. Are you sure you did (e) and (f) in the
above order?  The problem will appear when you create your sprout
branch first, *then* do the merge, and then switch to the just sprouted
branch to try to commit.

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